Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Simple. Funky. Cool.

I recently purchased this new Aztec sweater made by Lush. I am absolutely obsessed with it, and have been wanting to wear it everyday! Here are a few different ways to wear a big open sweater:




In my first look, I am wearing a black American Apparel t-shirt paired with burgundy Eunina skinny jeans. I dressed it up with a pair of black heels. In my second look, I am wearing a neon yellow American Apparel tank top with black jean shorts layered over tights and high knee socks. I kept it funky with a beanie and combat boots. In my last look, I am wearing a black Brandy & Melville dress with a pair of black high top Converse. I love piecing together new outfits by keeping my simple, funky, and cool style.

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