Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Killer Camo Trend

I know that camo has been the trend for a while now, but I am still loving it.  I found these flats at Target the other day, and flipped out! They are just what I have been looking for and were such a steal. I like keeping my outfits simple and adding a little flare at the end. 

Top - Oliveaceous | Jacket - Nordstrom | Leggings - Oliveaceous
 Flats - Target | Purse - Rebecca Minkoff

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stripe a Pose

So I've been noticing that a hot trend right now are stripes.  I've literally seen them everywhere! My favorite item has to be the Hudson striped super skinny jeans.  They are adorable!  I want them so bad, but you gotta be pretty awesome to pull those bad boys off.  I'm debating them at the moment. Seeing all of these stripes is getting me excited for summer. Where else have you seen stripes? 
P.S. I know it is raining right now, which I usually love. 
But where is that sunshine?!

2) Dress
3) Tote
5) Bikini