Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lavender Love

I recently saw a photo on tumblr that completely inspired this look for me.  First off, I am obsessed now with colored shorts and pants.  I know they've been around forever, but I can't get enough of the pastel colors right now.  These shorts are a fav! They are so comfortable, and lavender is my favorite color.  Also, here is a quick glimpse of my wonderful boyfriend who takes most of my pictures for me.  He has made a special appearance in this post.  
The weekend is just around the corner.

 Shorts - Mono B  |  Tee - American Apparel  |  Beanie - Neff  |  Sweater - local boutique  |
Heels - JC  |  Necklaces - Brandy/Nordstrom  |  Shades - Gucci  |  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Addicted to Aztec

I love this time of year because I love wearing bright colors! I've noticed though that in my last few posts I've been wearing a lot of black, and I rarely ever wear that much black.  This shade of blue pant was difficult to find.  And funny story. I actually went in to work earlier this day (at a boutique) wearing a different shirt.  I didn't really like the one I was wearing, and I found this gem hidden in the racks of clothes.  I'm obsessed with the Aztec print so it was a must! Everything seems like a 'must' to me lately :) Addiction? Probably. But aren't we all?
Happy Tuesday!

Pants - Flying Monkey |  Top - Lush  |  Heels - Alice + Olivia  |
Rings - Nordstrom & local boutiques

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lace and Braids

 Sorry in advance for the blurry pictures. I was on my way to dinner, and this was a spontaneous photo shoot, so we had to work with what we got (our iPhones). I love my new blouse with lace on the sleeves and open back.  I own a lot of black, but I had to get this one.  I don't have anything like it. I got my wedges on sale for $5 at a local boutique! And they are so comfortable. I seriously scored on them! Oh and I thought I'd mix it up with the braids instead of always having it down and straight. 

Jeans - Eunina | Blouse - Lush | Sunglasses - Nordstrom | Wedges - Qupid