Monday, June 3, 2013

Keep it Classy

I have always had an issue with my bra showing underneath my shirts. I hate it! I was never that person that had my ugly bra strap hanging out of my tops. 
So here is my dilemma: these amazing flowy tops are so trendy right now, but they are sheer and open in the back.  What do you do?
I absolutely love this lace bralette. It comes in so many different colors! You can wear a strapless bra underneath for more support, but the lace bra is what you will see. And this coral perfectly matches my floral top (and the back is my favorite part!). It keeps it classy and sexy without revealing too much.
So how do you wear your fun summer tops?

 Jeans - Eunina  |  Blouse - Lush  |  Jacket - Tillys  |  Lace bra- Signatures  |
Sandals - Target  |  Bracelet - local boutique  |  Gold stackable rings - Nordstrom  |